Modern Lighting with a Retro Feel

The right lighting is so important for your home. It can really open up a room, or create a relaxing and cosy atmosphere.

By taking a modern look back we can really capture the spirit of days past. Think of some of the most successful television programmes of the moment and you will probably have at least one period drama in mind. With the modern take on classic lighting you can bring a feel of this right into your home. Think of a swinging 60’s pop art lamp, a Rock n Roll 50’s sleek chrome wall light or go the whole way and invest in a Downton Abbey style chandelier.

You don’t need to rip out walls, build a breakfast bar or hire your own butler to achieve these effects. The right lighting will give you so much scope and can add a hint of nostalgia to your modern living space.

There’s no doubt that retro trends are huge right now, so here we look at some of the best ways to bring a vintage vibe to your room whilst maintaining a contemporary style. Just one or two touches can really take you back.

Pendants and Chandeliers

Even if you don’t have a period property, a large entranceway or hallway can benefit from one of these lights. If you have a low ceiling and can’t allow for the 7ft or so clearing space that you’d need with a chandelier, you could always try a flush mounted light which only hangs by about a foot.

Kitchens also benefit from these styles of light with low hanging, over-table pendants creating a fantastic intimate lighting for your dinner parties; especially if you use a dimmer. Don’t go larger than about three quarters of the table width or you’ll cast shadows on your guests’ faces.

The chandelier has gone through numerous interpretations over the years and doesn’t always mean large country house. As a staple of the European look, the right chandelier can take you as easily to the court of Louis XVI as it can to a chic London nightclub, don’t be afraid to experiment.

Floor Lamps

Floor lamps are ideal for placing into awkward corners and if you decide to move around your furniture in the future, you can move around your lighting too! These kind of lamps add a nice vertical element to your room, giving it some height and extra interest.

Why not try a 70’s inspired ‘earth tones’ (brown, cream, dark orange etc) coloured shades for a really warm, retro look? Tiffany-style lamps are really popular too and the busy shades look particularly effective if the rest of your décor is otherwise plain. Use more than one (or a mix of floor lamps and table lamps) to really boost your theme.

These lamps are great between seating areas as they generally have a thin stand so it means they aren’t blocking your line of sight.

Table Lamps

Table lamps are a functional way of having usable light without having to switch on your main room light. As well as functionality, the table lamp is a great way of setting tone and mood and bringing a retro feel to your room. Typically they’re more decorative than floor lamps, so it’s your chance to have some fun with the design!

Choosing some classically inspired table lamps for your home can really add a touch of elegance. The 1920’s Tiffany lamp is one that immediately springs to mind. This lamps instantly throws coloured light around the room in a rainbow of elegance. Think prohibition, jazz, dancing girls in speakeasy bars and you know that all that is chic is encompassed in your choice of lamp.


Using retro style lights is a great way of bringing a touch of vintage into your home without having to redecorate, and buying a modern version means you’re not spending a fortune in antique shops! We have a huge range of lights for all tastes and don’t forget, the bulbs you choose can be just as important as your lamp, so think carefully about the kind of light you want to achieve, before buying.

Trends may come and go but the good ones end up as vintage, that means that vintage is always in style so seek out your inner time traveller and enjoy yourself, illuminating the past.