The Art of Outdoor Lighting

Our outdoor spaces can be a real haven in the spring and summer, especially with those long days. Lighting is a great way to extend your use of outside so that you don’t have to head indoors when the sun goes down! Here are some great ways to make the most of your outside space.

Ambient Lighting

Using candles is a cheap but great way of creating some atmospheric lighting, whether you have a garden or even just a balcony. Place some pillar candles in jars or lantern-style holders at different heights, for some real outdoor ambience. If you have the jar lids, you could even hang them along your fence or wall.

For something a little quirkier, try floating some tea-lights in a birdbath filled with water or if you have a pond, use floating lanterns to really impress guests! Place your candles away from anything flammable and out of the reach of children; and of course, never leave naked flames unattended.

Fairy lights (or string lights) are another pleasant way of adding some character to your garden or yard, cheaply.

Outdoor Lanterns

String them along a fence or sides of decking to draw people to your seating area or wrap them around trees for a unique look.

You could also try filling pretty bottles or jars with fairy lights and either placing them around your garden/deck area or using them as centre pieces for your table.

Lanterns look lovely at the best of times but they really come into their own when placed around a garden. Our Pendant Lanterns can really bring a touch of class to your seating area. Hanging different colored lanterns in a tree can add warmth and vibrancy. Include cardboard fairy cut outs near your lanterns to entertain the kids by spotting fairy silhouettes at night.

Landscape Lights

If you have a larger space then post lights can work beautifully and bring a little ‘olde worlde’ charm to your garden. We have a wonderful range of Post Lights that would add character to any garden.

Outdoor Lighting

If you’re lucky enough to have pathways and flowers in bloom then you can try highlighting these with strategically placed lights so that you and your guests can safely enjoy the beauty of your garden after dark. Try our Matte Bronze Spotlights under trees to really add drama or backlight them for a silhouette. A wall can really highlight any outdoor art you may have too – why not make a feature wall where your guests sit by using Wall Lights.

Light can create the illusion of space and that’s no different for your garden. By drawing attention to certain areas or bouncing it off surfaces, you can make your outdoor space appear larger than it really is; a great tip if your small yard frustrates you.

LEDs are low voltage so using these can really help keep power costs down. Alternatively you could try solar powered lights which charge through the day to be used on a night.

Security Lighting

Sensor lights are a great energy saving way of keeping your garden secure. They only come on when someone is in range of the sensor, so if you have to put the bin out in the dark, you won’t trip over or fall off anything! Installing a security light in your garden is definitely a wise move and will help give you peace of mind.


Lighting up your garden can be just as important as lighting your house. Think about whether you want ambient lighting, which candles and fairy lights can give you; or practical, landscaping lighting which highlights a particular feature or pathway. Consider your neighbors when installing lights and keep it tasteful and subtle. Think about the environment too and opt for low energy users like LEDs or even candles. Always be careful with electricity and the out of doors. If you buy wired in lights or plug-in fairy lights, be sure that they are outdoor ones, as indoor lights won’t have the kind of wire that will stand up to the elements and will become a danger. Hopefully this will have given you some inspiration but be sure to check out our wide range of outside lights too and make the most of your outdoor space.