Bringing the Carnival Home


Carnivals and funfairs zap us back to our childhood: fun, food and warm, welcoming lights. Carnival lighting is seeing a huge surge in popularity at the moment and is a great way to bring some fun and excitement to your home.

Big bulbs and bold colours are where it’s at, with arrows and letter being the most popular types of lights. If you love carnival lights but aren’t sure where you could use them, here are some ideas to get you inspired:

At events – letters are particularly popular at weddings, with initials of the couple being used or words such as ‘love’ spelled out in bright lights. As the evening draws on, the carnival lights can add both a touch of class and fun.

In the kitchen – making a carnival light in the shape of food or drink adds an extra dimension of fun to your kitchen! We’re fans of a big-bulb coffee cup sign. Using carnival lights in the kitchen can result in a great 1950’s diner effect. Compliment this with carful use of colour and decoration to complete the look.

On shelves – smaller versions of carnival lights make great shelf ornaments. Brighten up a book shelf or add light and interest to a dull corner of your room. If you fit one of our dimmer switches you can adjust the intensity to change the ambience.

In the garden – perfect for a feature wall or seating area. You could try an arrow style carnival light pointing to the space where you entertain guests. They don’t have to be used in a sign either, just using strings of large bulbs can bring the carnival look to your garden in a more subtle way. Using outdoor lights will increase the time you can spend in your outdoor space and ensure you really get the most out of those warm summer evenings.

Around a mirror – Using large bulbs around a mirror creates a fantastic vintage Hollywood film look.

Children’s bedrooms – Any kid’s room would be cheered up by carnival lights. You could spell out their name, initials or simply just put up a fun shape like a star or heart to make their room great fun. They also make a handy nightlight for children who don’t like the dark!

You could also use carnival lights to theme a children’s party, adding in classic popcorn box holders and strings of lights.

Make Your Own Carnival Lights

Making your own light is a great way to keep costs down, as bespoke carnival lights can be quite expensive. Try using foam board and poster board to make your shape, as it’s lightweight for wall mounting; then add your bulbs.

The best type for this are LED bulbs as they’re low powered and long lasting. We have a great range, so we’re sure you’ll find something to suit your needs. It also means you’d be able to use batteries to power them over the short-term, perfect if you’re taking your lights to an event. If you want a more permanent fixture around the home, using a transformer to light them is a good, safe way to do this.

If you are up to some woodworking then the best thing to do is to use paper or card to make your templates, before using a jigsaw to cut out the final patterns.

Simple and bold is the key, and for something that has the look of the carnival they can be incredibly classy. For inspiration it’s a great excuse to look up some retro films, Elvis’ ‘Roustabout’ instantly springs to mind or to research vintage photographs online.


Only time will tell as to whether the carnival light trend is here to stay but while it’s popular, make the most of this fun theme to jazz up your home, garden or events. Whilst carnival lights are readily available, they can be expensive, so if you’re good at crafting, it makes perfect sense to create your own. Use LED blubs for a low energy, long-lasting light source and experiment with different colours and styles to create something really unique to you, that everyone is sure to admire.


Modern Lighting with a Retro Feel

The right lighting is so important for your home. It can really open up a room, or create a relaxing and cosy atmosphere.

By taking a modern look back we can really capture the spirit of days past. Think of some of the most successful television programmes of the moment and you will probably have at least one period drama in mind. With the modern take on classic lighting you can bring a feel of this right into your home. Think of a swinging 60’s pop art lamp, a Rock n Roll 50’s sleek chrome wall light or go the whole way and invest in a Downton Abbey style chandelier.

You don’t need to rip out walls, build a breakfast bar or hire your own butler to achieve these effects. The right lighting will give you so much scope and can add a hint of nostalgia to your modern living space.

There’s no doubt that retro trends are huge right now, so here we look at some of the best ways to bring a vintage vibe to your room whilst maintaining a contemporary style. Just one or two touches can really take you back.

Pendants and Chandeliers

Even if you don’t have a period property, a large entranceway or hallway can benefit from one of these lights. If you have a low ceiling and can’t allow for the 7ft or so clearing space that you’d need with a chandelier, you could always try a flush mounted light which only hangs by about a foot.

Kitchens also benefit from these styles of light with low hanging, over-table pendants creating a fantastic intimate lighting for your dinner parties; especially if you use a dimmer. Don’t go larger than about three quarters of the table width or you’ll cast shadows on your guests’ faces.

The chandelier has gone through numerous interpretations over the years and doesn’t always mean large country house. As a staple of the European look, the right chandelier can take you as easily to the court of Louis XVI as it can to a chic London nightclub, don’t be afraid to experiment.

Floor Lamps

Floor lamps are ideal for placing into awkward corners and if you decide to move around your furniture in the future, you can move around your lighting too! These kind of lamps add a nice vertical element to your room, giving it some height and extra interest.

Why not try a 70’s inspired ‘earth tones’ (brown, cream, dark orange etc) coloured shades for a really warm, retro look? Tiffany-style lamps are really popular too and the busy shades look particularly effective if the rest of your décor is otherwise plain. Use more than one (or a mix of floor lamps and table lamps) to really boost your theme.

These lamps are great between seating areas as they generally have a thin stand so it means they aren’t blocking your line of sight.

Table Lamps

Table lamps are a functional way of having usable light without having to switch on your main room light. As well as functionality, the table lamp is a great way of setting tone and mood and bringing a retro feel to your room. Typically they’re more decorative than floor lamps, so it’s your chance to have some fun with the design!

Choosing some classically inspired table lamps for your home can really add a touch of elegance. The 1920’s Tiffany lamp is one that immediately springs to mind. This lamps instantly throws coloured light around the room in a rainbow of elegance. Think prohibition, jazz, dancing girls in speakeasy bars and you know that all that is chic is encompassed in your choice of lamp.


Using retro style lights is a great way of bringing a touch of vintage into your home without having to redecorate, and buying a modern version means you’re not spending a fortune in antique shops! We have a huge range of lights for all tastes and don’t forget, the bulbs you choose can be just as important as your lamp, so think carefully about the kind of light you want to achieve, before buying.

Trends may come and go but the good ones end up as vintage, that means that vintage is always in style so seek out your inner time traveller and enjoy yourself, illuminating the past.

The Light Thief

Ask the question, ‘Who invented the lightbulb?’ and most people will say Thomas Edison; and if they’re really good at remembering their facts, they’ll add that it was in 1879. This is generally what we’re taught in school but the story actually starts much earlier.

In the early 1800s, Humphrey Davy created an electric lamp that used a spark between two charcoal rods connected to a battery, which became known as an Arc Lamp. It was unfortunately, too bright to be used in most homes and needed a lot of power, so instead ended up being used in lighthouses and later, for searchlights to spot enemy planes in the war.

For a while, inventors tried to lengthen the light source. Warren de la Rue tried platinum coils in a vacuum tube and when a current went through it, it lit up. Unfortunately platinum wasn’t cheap, so once again this wasn’t useful for homes or businesses.


Joseph Swan

By now, scientists knew that passing electricity between two materials would light up and therefore, glow. If that lasted too long though, chances are the material would then melt or catch fire… not so good. As we know, fire needs oxygen, so they decided that by keeping oxygen out of the equation they might solve their unfortunate fire issues. Several inventers, including Joseph Swan, patented ‘bulbs’ which would keep the burner in a glass contained and expel the air, so making a vacuum. After early failures due to the poor vacuum pumps of the time, Swan’s carbon paper filament bulb was finally patented in 1878 in Britain and became widely used in people’s homes.

Thomas Edison

In swoops the already popular inventor, Edison. After a few failed attempts, he finally had a breakthrough by using carbonised sewing thread as a filament. Doing this produced a lightbulb that burned for over thirteen hours and if the filament was bent, over 100 hours! He tested thousands of materials and came up with a filament made of bamboo which lasted over 1000 hours, almost as long as our bulbs last today.

So although Edison patented the first long lasting, useful bulb, it was based on one Joseph Swan had patented long before. Swan, understandably got a little upset at this and sued Edison for patent infringement and as a result, Edison was forced to make swan a partner in his company. Really, neither one of them are 100% responsible; the credit lies with numerous inventors and scientists who, through trial and error, founded something that we would find it incredibly difficult to live without.

The Bulb Today

Incandescent – We still use incandescent bulbs today, although we’re moving towards more energy efficient lighting. Incandescent bulbs work by heating a tungsten filament until it glows.

Halogen Halogen bulbs are similar to incandescent but they can produce the same amount of light but use less energy to do so, making them longer lasting and more energy efficient than their incandescent counterparts.

Florescent – These are really common in households today. Florescent bulbs generate their light by heating up argon and mercury gas contained inside the tube. They are super-efficient when it comes to energy and produce the same amount of light as other bulbs.

LED – The most energy efficient and long lasting bulb that you can get, LEDs move electrons through a semiconductor, creating photons which we see as light. They can be more expensive but are 90% more efficient compared to some incandescent and last for tens of thousands of hours, saving you tons on replacements!

At Lamps Clinic, we sell every kind of bulb to fit your needs as well as a huge choice of stylish light fittings to put them in!

The Art of Outdoor Lighting

Our outdoor spaces can be a real haven in the spring and summer, especially with those long days. Lighting is a great way to extend your use of outside so that you don’t have to head indoors when the sun goes down! Here are some great ways to make the most of your outside space.

Ambient Lighting

Using candles is a cheap but great way of creating some atmospheric lighting, whether you have a garden or even just a balcony. Place some pillar candles in jars or lantern-style holders at different heights, for some real outdoor ambience. If you have the jar lids, you could even hang them along your fence or wall.

For something a little quirkier, try floating some tea-lights in a birdbath filled with water or if you have a pond, use floating lanterns to really impress guests! Place your candles away from anything flammable and out of the reach of children; and of course, never leave naked flames unattended.

Fairy lights (or string lights) are another pleasant way of adding some character to your garden or yard, cheaply.

Outdoor Lanterns

String them along a fence or sides of decking to draw people to your seating area or wrap them around trees for a unique look.

You could also try filling pretty bottles or jars with fairy lights and either placing them around your garden/deck area or using them as centre pieces for your table.

Lanterns look lovely at the best of times but they really come into their own when placed around a garden. Our Pendant Lanterns can really bring a touch of class to your seating area. Hanging different colored lanterns in a tree can add warmth and vibrancy. Include cardboard fairy cut outs near your lanterns to entertain the kids by spotting fairy silhouettes at night.

Landscape Lights

If you have a larger space then post lights can work beautifully and bring a little ‘olde worlde’ charm to your garden. We have a wonderful range of Post Lights that would add character to any garden.

Outdoor Lighting

If you’re lucky enough to have pathways and flowers in bloom then you can try highlighting these with strategically placed lights so that you and your guests can safely enjoy the beauty of your garden after dark. Try our Matte Bronze Spotlights under trees to really add drama or backlight them for a silhouette. A wall can really highlight any outdoor art you may have too – why not make a feature wall where your guests sit by using Wall Lights.

Light can create the illusion of space and that’s no different for your garden. By drawing attention to certain areas or bouncing it off surfaces, you can make your outdoor space appear larger than it really is; a great tip if your small yard frustrates you.

LEDs are low voltage so using these can really help keep power costs down. Alternatively you could try solar powered lights which charge through the day to be used on a night.

Security Lighting

Sensor lights are a great energy saving way of keeping your garden secure. They only come on when someone is in range of the sensor, so if you have to put the bin out in the dark, you won’t trip over or fall off anything! Installing a security light in your garden is definitely a wise move and will help give you peace of mind.


Lighting up your garden can be just as important as lighting your house. Think about whether you want ambient lighting, which candles and fairy lights can give you; or practical, landscaping lighting which highlights a particular feature or pathway. Consider your neighbors when installing lights and keep it tasteful and subtle. Think about the environment too and opt for low energy users like LEDs or even candles. Always be careful with electricity and the out of doors. If you buy wired in lights or plug-in fairy lights, be sure that they are outdoor ones, as indoor lights won’t have the kind of wire that will stand up to the elements and will become a danger. Hopefully this will have given you some inspiration but be sure to check out our wide range of outside lights too and make the most of your outdoor space.

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